Academy of American Exceptionalism


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A General Works

B-BD Philosophy

BF Psychology (incl. Parapsychology and the Occult)

BH-BJ Aesthetics, Ethics, Etiquette

BL-BX Religion

BL Religion: General, Miscellaneous, and Atheism

BM Judaism

BP Islam, Baha’i, and New Religions

BQ Buddhism

BR Christianity (General)

BS The Bible

BT Christian Doctrinal Theology

BV Christian Practical Theology

BX Christian Denominations

C History: Auxiliary sciences

CB History of Civilization

CD Diplomatics, Archives, Seals

CJ Numismatics

CR Heraldry

CS Genealogy

CT Biography (General)

D History: General, and Regions Outside the Americas

DA Great Britain and Ireland

DAW Central Europe

DB Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia

DC France, Andorra, Monaco

DD Germany

DE Mediterreanean Region, Greco-Roman World

DF Greece

DG Italy

DH-DJ Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands

DJK Eastern Europe

DK Russia, Former Soviet Republics, Poland

DL Northern Europe, Scandinavia

DP Spain, Portugal

DR Balkan Region

DS Asia

DT Africa

DU Oceania, Australia, New Zealand

DX Roma (Gypsies)

E History: United States (General)

F History: United States (Regional), and the Americas